SugarBearHair Review

Sugar Bear Hair
Hello everyone! After doing intense research and seeing the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I decided to give SugarBearHair gummies a try. I had the choice of choosing the one month, three month, or six month supply– I got a month’s supply. Let me start by saying they smell and taste so good! They taste like blueberry lemonade y’all, seriously! There were 60 gummies in the bottle, and the instructions were to take two a day.

The main thing the product claimed was that one would “see results in two weeks.” I can attest to that, because I started seeing a positive change rather quickly. By the end of the month, I was pleased with my results. I didn’t see too much change length wise, but my hair thickened and became stronger.

The left picture shows my hair before I started taking the gummies. As you can see, my hair was thin, and brittle looking. The picture on the right shows results after a month’s use. My hair is fuller, thicker, and stronger.

As I shared earlier, I did intense research on this product. I was hesitant at first, because I’ve tried other hair gummies that worked as I was taking them. When I stopped however, my hair broke off and seemed to thin out a bit. I didn’t have that problem with the SugarBearHair gummies. Once I stopped, my hair stayed thick and strong. It also don’t break as much anymore which is fantastic, because my 4c hair is prone to it. It was a little on the pricy side ($30), but well worth the money. The gummies also appeal to various audiences, because they are vegetarian. SugarBearHair gummies are the best hair gummies I’ve tried thus far, and I strongly recommend this product.

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