The Love and Hate Relationship With Comfort

Hey! I hope you all are doing well. Let me tell you about my Friday night! So some friends, and I went to an open mic/poetry slam. It was really good. The first half was open to anyone who wanted to perform.

After a twenty minute intermission came the second half. This was the poetry slam, which only had 5 slots available. The cost to enter was $5, and whoever won took all of the money. Y’all..There were a lot of talented people performing! The energy of the room was just amazing..A lot of vulnerability, encouragements, and overall positive vibes.

It made me think..When did the performers break out of their comfort zones and first perform? What was their first time performing like? After sharing who they were, I realized that they were experienced performers, and ironically it tied into their purpose.

Then there’s me….The woman with the hidden talent of poetry..The woman whose words speak so loudly, yet too hard on herself and scared to let the inspiration strike those who the message is for. For years I’ve done this. I shouldn’t because internally I’m bold, and my boldness ties greatly into my purpose. Fear blanketed by comfort.

Comfort is a bitch if it’s not monitored. It is important to recognize when you’ve allowed comfort to get to that point. Make those necessary changes honey..Even if it’s baby steps. You can’t grow if you’re too busy thinking about the “what ifs.” What about the “I should’ves, ” and the “I regrets?” That shit is scary though..Growth..But it’s necessary because it aids in molding you into who you’re suppose to be.

So I challenge you..Think about areas in your life that you notice stagnation in, then think about your purpose. How do they correlate, and what are you gonna do to make the necessary changes?

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I’m Back

Hey ya’ll. A few people have asked me what happened to my blog. Honestly, I’ve been at a standstill with this blog for a while. Partially due to school, but also because I was in an unsure place. This included finding myself, and figuring out what I want this blog to be about. I still don’t know lol, but I have been feeling a strong desire to start posting again..And to be more serious with this. The intent of this blog is not only to entertain, but to positively influence y’all and be a safe space.

So let’s start here..A update about me. I was in school. I started at a community college for 2 years, and graduated with my associates in liberal arts. I then transferred to Kent State University, where I completed 2 years and earned my bachelors in communication. During my academic career, I transitioned to veganism and have been for about 4 months now. It is honestly both rewarding, and complex at the same time..That is a blog post for another day. I also lost my cat, which I had for twelve years. After graduating KSU, I went full-time at the company I worked for while in college. It is a doctor’s office that caters specifically to the senior population. I am also looking for a new home to transition into.

So that is where I am..Getting acquainted with the real world. It was hard at first, but is surely getting better. What is new with y’all? Comment below and tell me what’s going on. I would love to hear about it. Don’t forget to follow my blog, and follow me on Instagram.

SugarBearHair Review

Sugar Bear Hair
Hello everyone! After doing intense research and seeing the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I decided to give SugarBearHair gummies a try. I had the choice of choosing the one month, three month, or six month supply– I got a month’s supply. Let me start by saying they smell and taste so good! They taste like blueberry lemonade y’all, seriously! There were 60 gummies in the bottle, and the instructions were to take two a day.

The main thing the product claimed was that one would “see results in two weeks.” I can attest to that, because I started seeing a positive change rather quickly. By the end of the month, I was pleased with my results. I didn’t see too much change length wise, but my hair thickened and became stronger.

The left picture shows my hair before I started taking the gummies. As you can see, my hair was thin, and brittle looking. The picture on the right shows results after a month’s use. My hair is fuller, thicker, and stronger.

As I shared earlier, I did intense research on this product. I was hesitant at first, because I’ve tried other hair gummies that worked as I was taking them. When I stopped however, my hair broke off and seemed to thin out a bit. I didn’t have that problem with the SugarBearHair gummies. Once I stopped, my hair stayed thick and strong. It also don’t break as much anymore which is fantastic, because my 4c hair is prone to it. It was a little on the pricy side ($30), but well worth the money. The gummies also appeal to various audiences, because they are vegetarian. SugarBearHair gummies are the best hair gummies I’ve tried thus far, and I strongly recommend this product.

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